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Today’s leaders are challenged with finding solutions to further build trust and employee engagement while navigating an increasingly complex and competitive virtual workspace. Transformational leadership is essential to the career path forward.   

Aim High Ask Why

Would you like to live your life on the top shelf of your career? The Aim Higher Team Coaching Sessions are designed to help you ask more questions and get clarity on your real purpose. When you move from career transition to career transformation – guess what? There is no direct path.  So how do you navigate the next move in your career?

Whether you are a mid-level manager, career executive, jumping back in the workplace or contemplating your next move - start by following your passion.  Let go of the expectations everyone else has for you and create your own path. 

Join the Aim Higher Team Coaching Sessions to receive:

  • Autographed book
  • Discussion Guide
  • Journal

This class is limited to 20 participants. Once class size has reached capacity, participants will be placed on the January 12, 2021 waitlist. 

Sign up today, classes are October 8, 15, 22, & 29.


Career assessments are tools that are designed to help individuals understand how personal attributes positively impact their potential success with career options and inclusive work environments. Identify and understand your own career and the factors that will drive it.  Here are some examples of questions to consider:

  • What particular elements of your current job motivate you? i.e. what do you enjoy doing? What are your most important strengths and skills? (For the job that you have now and what skills you need to develop in the future).